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Durable Water Treatment Systems in Ottawa and Surrounding Areas

Whether you own a house or run a large farm at your cottage in the country, you can depend on World of Pumps Inc for your water treatment needs. We offer reliable and efficient water systems. Since 1976, our experienced technicians have been serving Ottawa residents and contractors and ensuring that they receive high-quality water treatment systems. Certified by the Ministry of the Environment, our professional team works diligently, so you receive outstanding customer service every time we come out to any of your locations. With our help, you can have access to clean water. We know how essential and important clean drinking water is to your health, so don’t wait to treat your water.


To treat your water we carry the following products:

UV lighting systems

Ultraviolet (UV) lighting systems provide a chemical-free water treatment solution that is quick and energy-efficient. UV systems are environmentally-friendly and provide year-round potable water. Once installed, maintenance is minimal.

Filters and filter housing

Enhance your drinking water by considering filters to remove chlorine and chemicals from entering your home’s plumbing systems. Our team can help you find the right one for your specific needs.

Potable water pumps

Water is our lifeline, and it is essential that it is clean for the good health of our family and loved ones. We offer potable water pumps that help you with a steady supply of clean and potable water.

Water purification systems 

Dirty water can create chaos in your life, from affecting the health of your loved ones to damaging the expensive appliances in your house. Investing in a good-quality water purification system is a smart idea.

Huge Inventory

“Enormous inventory of different fittings at a good price.”

- Kirk W.

Water Treatment Is Essential

For the well-being and good health of your loved ones, ensure they have access to clean water.

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