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Water Pump Installation and Maintenance in Ottawa

World of Pumps Inc specializes in all aspects of the pump industry, including repairs to the cottage, residential, business, and commercial. We also deal in pool and spa pump sales as well as spa pump repairs in Ottawa. Our company holds a Well Contractor's Licence, and our staff is also licensed by the Ministry. If you are in need of a freshwater pump installation, we are experienced at setting those up for homeowners and can also help you maintain them so they last longer.


Centrifugal pumps

Widely used in agricultural and domestic industries for pumping water, solvents, oils, acids, bases and other low viscosity fluids. We provide installation, repairs and service for centrifugal pumps.


Deep-well jet pumps

We offer deep well jet pumps to help you access deep water and deliver it to overhead tanks in households. We only deal with trusted brands to ensure high-quality pumps for your property.


Effluent pumps

These find application in both domestic and industrial sectors to help transfer untreated sewage water from septic tanks to treatment land. Unlike sewage pumps, effluent pumps handle small solids.


Sewage pumps

These find application in municipal wastewater treatment plants, buildings and private homes, which cannot be connected to the municipal sewer due to the natural slope of the terrain.


Shallow well jet pumps

These are used in places that require high suction and the water is not a great depth. Usually used in semi-urban and rural areas, these pumps require just one line between themselves and the water source.


Submersible pumps

From being used to pump water from reservoirs to sewage pumping and flood drainage, these pumps find use in every sector. Even the filtration pumps found inside fish tanks are a type of submersible pump.


Sewer package

This is an innovative and versatile method of treating wastewater. The product helps in processes like BOD reduction, suspended solids reduction, Nitrogen reduction, and even Phosphorus reduction & give effective results.


Water tanks

We deal in different kinds of water tanks that can be used to store water in homes, industries, or any commercial setup. Offering sales of good-quality water tanks by reputed brands, we will not disappoint you.


Piston pumps

These pumps are widely used in various industries to move liquids or compress gases. They are useful as they can be operated over a wide range of pressures without creating a strong effect on the flow rate.


Sump Pumps

Installed at the lowest point in your basement, sump pumps are effective in keeping water out of your basement. It is a kind of submersible pump that is placed at the bottom of a sump pit.


Constant pressure systems

Operating with a variable frequency drive controller which monitors the water requisites of your property automatically. We can offer high quality installation and maintenance services for constant pressure systems.


Please call us or email us today if you have questions about our water pumps or if your old system is in need of repair.

Excellent Service

“Daves super knowledgeable and friendly and does what it takes to get the parts and pieces for your job.”

- Ed C.

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Looking for a Specific Pump?

For over 40 years, we’ve been supplying Ottawa residents with the pumps they need.

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