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Get Freezeless Hydrants in Ottawa and Surrounding Areas

Freezeless hydrants ensure a constant supply of water while preventing a frozen or broken supply line. The hydrants come with automatic draining features so that the water drains off automatically when the hydrant is shut off, preventing it from freezing.

Freezeless hydrants are effective in providing you with an all-year-round water supply, even during the freezing months of January and February in the Ottawa area.

They can be used for:




Outdoor ice rinks

Livestock water tanks


Chemical plants

Office buildings

Our freezeless hydrants are:




Easy Out Hydrant

Attached to a pitless adapter, this system allows for an in ground installation that can  easily be raised for servicing.


Contact us to know more about the freezeless hydrants in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. We can help you with installations as well as repairs.

Hydrant part

Frozen Pipes Are Dangerous

We offer winterizing and thawing services for your pipelines to prevent them from bursting.


Will Give It 10 Stars!

“Should be 10 stars. Amazing service, super friendly/helpful staff and fair pricing. Reminded me of my grandfather's General Store when I was a child and people cared about customer service. Great job guys and I will return... if my pump ever fails again.”

-  Michel S.

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