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Effective Water Systems for Cottages in Ottawa

Cottages are meant for stress-free vacations with family and kids. If you have to worry about water supply while on vacation in Ottawa and surrounding areas, then get in touch with us right away for quality water pump services in the region. From providing safe drinking water in your cottage to pumping water from lakes, we can provide you with a safe solution. All you need to do is contact us, and we will be there to assist you. We have the knowledge and inventory to help you with the service and installation of top-quality parts for your pumps. Most of the suppliers in town don’t have all the parts to fix the water pumps, but with World of Pumps Inc, you can find everything you need. Call us today to talk to a pump specialist about your cottage project.

Common Water Problem in Cottages

Water issues can be irritating, especially when you are on a vacation and want to spend some time away from all the worries and stress. World of Pumps can fix any of your water problems, allowing you to enjoy your time at the cottage.
Here are the most common water problems that cottage owners face:


Silt and sand are the most common sediments that are found in water. These sediments can clog appliances and faucets, make water cloudy and harbour dangerous microorganisms, making the water unsafe.



Hard water can cause damage to your sinks, faucets, showers and appliances. We use water softeners to treat the hardness of water so that your cottage stays as good as new for the upcoming vacation.


Microbial Contamination

The water coming into your cottage from the wells or lakes is likely to be contaminated with microorganisms. It is a good idea to treat this water before using it so that your vacations are enjoyable without any allergies or health issues.

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Design Your Water System in Ottawa

With over 40 years of industry experience, at World of Pumps Inc, we understand the common water problems and can offer you long-lasting and reliable solutions. Our friendly and experienced team can help you design an upgraded water system for your new cottage so that most of these problems are mitigated before they even arise. We provide services for:

Water systems


Submersible pumps

Heated pumps

We also offer sand-point wells for filtered water. Sand point well is a baby well that sits in the sand on the edge of a lake and brings in filtered water.

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