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Is Your Municipal Water Pressure Too Low? Our System Can Increase Your Water Pressure to 70 PSI

Fluctuating water pressure can be very frustrating, especially when you need a quick shower and have to get ready for something important. The drop in water pressure can make your shower exasperating instead of enjoyable. Has it ever happened that you are trying to fill a pot in the sink, and the pressure rises, spurting water all over you? If yes, you have reached the right place. World of Pumps Inc can help you get rid of fluctuating water pressure in Ottawa.

Why Is Fluctuating Water Pressure a Problem?

Some of the common problems with fluctuating water pressure are:

Damaged appliances

Increased water bills


Stress on your home’s plumbing

If you are wondering how you can ensure a steady supply of water in your house, World of Pumps Inc is here to help you with all the answers.

Pressure Systems in Ottawa

We offer you constant pressure systems that can be added to your city/municipal incoming water source. The constant pressure system works on variable frequency technology, which boosts the pressure of the water and gives you a steady supply. The system works by increasing and decreasing the booster pump speed as per the water demand. Pressure sensors are incorporated into the system to detect the pressure of water and send signals to the controller to regulate the speed of the booster pump while maintaining a constant pressure level in your tanks. The system can be fitted in small tanks. Thus, they do not need a lot of space to function properly.


Attempting to fix a water pressure problem yourself by installing a new pressure regulator or pouring chemicals down your drain may make your problem worse. It is best to call a professional pump expert to troubleshoot your water pressure problems and resolve them. We would be happy to explain to you the cause of your problem while providing you with a reliable solution.


Outstanding Service

“Awesome experience. Useful help and guidance over the phone. Needed to bring the pump in, but then they had just exactly the part at a fair price I needed for my leaky 15 year old spa pump. Fitted the part for me, and gave helpful advice on what to watch for in future. Not the first time they've bailed me out, and each time the same outstanding service - even at 4pm on a Friday!”

- Simon B.

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